Monday, March 2, 2015

Asylum by Madeleine Roux

This Young adult novel, Asylum intrigued me.  The main location of the story takes place in a college dorm, a former Psychiatric Asylum.  In my opinion, this building is the main character of this novel.  The photographs in the novel include many from actual Asylums.  I believe this to be a very creative idea on the part of the author.  The pictures add to the realism and help with the visual thinking of the reader.  I believe them necessary for this thrilling ghost story.

Besides the Asylum, the novel focuses on Dan, who is entering a summer program at the college.  What Dan soon finds out is he and the Asylum hold a 'psychic', supernatural connection.  Dan becomes close with two Dorm mates, Abby and Jordan. All three of the students explore the prohibited basement of the building and find historical evidence (pictures/writings) of the head Doctor who was mistreating many of the patients.

This story follows the students as they try and uncover the truth of the Asylum.  As one reads, the twists and turns throughout the book contain more and more Supernatural elements.   As a historian, I found the idea of photographs within the book intriguing and made the height of the story intense and frightening.   I actually really enjoyed the novel, as an adult I am very picky about the young adult novels I read.   Roux did well in her subject matter, and weaved a good tale.  Highly recommend.  ****

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