Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman

Have you ever said the phrase...."I wish I could be a fly on the wall."  Well, what if you could be in any room, at anytime and observe.  Observe people, and what they do, who they are....??  Would it be fun?  Maybe forever?  Only for a day?  In the novel The Visible Man therapist Victoria Vick had a strange fellow walk into her office and tell her that he had the ability to do just that.  She listened as he told stories of his voyeurism.  

Chuck Klosterman takes a story of "what if" and tells a tale of humor, and at times I think the main character, the "visible" man is actually everyone..(subjectively) within the novel he is only known as "Y".  He wants to keep his anonymity because he claims what makes him invisible is his the product of research he did for the government.  

Most people may find the idea of someone sitting in the office of a therapist boring, but in my minds eye, it showed more about the therapist and how she becomes so involved in "Y".  It made me wonder how far into the lives a therapist really falls. 

The tale begins innocently enough but eventually turns into a Psychological horror tale.  Mr. "Y" controls the situation, and eventually he knows it.  The ending is unexciting, but it closes the novel nicely.  If you like a Hitchcock type novel, give this a try.  ***

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