Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Red Rain by R. L. Stine

I picked up R.L. Stine's Red Rain because I have long been a fan of his "Goosebumps" seriesI figured that if Stine could do such good work scaring the kids, then imagine what he could do for adults?  

I should have kept imagining.  The theme is not overall a bad idea.  I think how he told the story became a bit ridiculous at times.  

Ok, so ... backing up, the story is about a travel blogger, Lea, who while visiting a remote island gets caught in a devastating storm.  She adopts twin boys from the island who claim to have lost their family in the storm.  The boys appear perfect, yet, deep down they aren't.  The whole story surrounds how these boys totally destroy a small town and people.

OK, now with that out of the way, I need to continue to let you know how utterly disappointed I was with this novel.  The manner in which these twin boys act and speak, are a bit on the weird side.  While reading, I felt as though Stine could have done better to make these boys appear a bit more on the Psycho side.  They walked around spouting, "Boyo, Don't you know, and Bruuver" over and over again...After awhile it became quite annoying.  

The main characters who were at the mercy of the twins in the novel, Lea and Mark made me want to scream at the book over and over again,  It was exactly the same way that I feel when watching a scary movie and the stupid kids running and screaming through the movie never knowing they shouldn't "go in there" etc.  Lea and Mark struck me as fairly shallow and frustrating.  

In the end this book was a quick read, and it wasn't really hard to get through, but I am not sure it would be one I would pick up again.  Read at your own willingness as to how much time you want to waste.  *

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