Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Kill Order by James Dashner

On the big screen I have been seeing many movies adapted from novels, and this summer I went to see The Maze Runner, which is based on James Dashner's novel by the same name.  I was really impressed with the characters and the plot, so I decided I wanted to read the series.  

The Kill Order, was written after the whole series was finished.  It is a prequel.  I decided I wanted to read this one first.  I am glad I did.  There's always been the notions and theories of how humans on Earth will parish...Alien invasion?  Asteroid headed for Earth?  Zombies?  Dashner's version has to do with the Sun and its effects on the Earth.  

After millions of people perish from the sudden scorching from the Sun, the government begins to realize that there is no way that even those who have escaped death, can survive.  The government come up with a plan of how to eradicate humans, and only to spare the chosen.  The main character, Mark and his friends have to try and elude those who are hunting people.

In their adventures they encounter, the evilness of human nature (what will people do to each other to survive), the effects of the government inflicted "virus", and how to trust, even each other.  I really enjoyed the feeling of immediacy and urgency in these characters.  The need for survival is portrayed in wonderful prose, storytelling, and dialogue.  This is a great read for lovers in reality based disaster fiction.  I cannot wait to read the next three novels, let the adventure continue.  ****

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