Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The Book of Tomorrow written by Cecelia Ahern is a young adult novel about a teenager named Tamara.  Following her father's sudden and tragic death Tamara and her mother move from the city to the country to live with relatives, and to try and recover.

Ahern does a wonderful job of digging deep inside the emotional and at times irrational reactions that teenagers often have as their coping mechanisms to life's harsher realities.  Tamara finds herself alone in her struggle to recover from her incredible loss, as her mother withdraws into a depressive state.  Tamara comes across a diary, that appears blank, but finds it actually writes on its own, about her....about every new day to come...the future.  She uses this diary to answer many question, to change the days to come, and how to actually solve a mystery about her life.

I loved the moxie that this young girl had.  She had the ability to be fearless, and to stand up against people who may not have her best interests at heart but act as though they do.  

I know this novel wasn't something I had to really ponder too much, it was a fun and easy read...a beach novel.  I enjoyed!!  ****

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