Saturday, February 28, 2015

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Landline was not on my radar as a book  I wanted to read until I noticed it on the Goodreads site as one of the best books of 2015.   Actually, I had to search quite a few bookstores for it.  I figured because of its popularity it would be a good read.  I was looking forward to it.

I really enjoyed the premise of the book.  I can see why it was so popular with readers, and I can say those who read the book most likely lay in the "Housewife" margin.  So, 'What if" you are in a less than perfect relationship  and you have the opportunity to talk to your "other half" from the past via a magic time traveling telephone....would you try to talk him/her out of pursuing you.  Would you sabotage your relationship in the past to avoid a heartache in the future?

The main character Georgie McCool is a writer for a popular television comedy show, and her husband, Neal is a stay at home dad.  The tension between the wife and husband grows as Christmas approaches.  At the last moment, Georgie needs to stay home over the holiday to work, and Neal leaves for his mother's home in Omaha with their daughters.  Georgie refuses to stay at her home without her family, so she stays at her mother's home in her childhood bedroom.   She uses an old/retro telephone (you know..the ones that weighed a ton and had wires attaching it to the wall) to call her husband Neal.  Here in the story is where the magic begins.....Georgie goes through depression and neurosis about her relationship with Neal, and ...well, I don't want to spoil the rest.  I can say...pick up the book and read it :-)   it is worth it..especially if you are half of a relationship, and always wanted to know..."would I do it the same if I could do it over?"  **** 1/2

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