Monday, February 23, 2015

The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman

I have an affinity for Historical Fiction Novels, as far as confessions go it could be worse.  I picked up this novel, not knowing anything about the author, or even the book itself.  I fell in love, with both the book and the author.

First, the book,  The Lost Wife is primarily set in 1940's Nazi Europe, Prague.  The Protagonist, Lenka falls in love with a young man named Josef, and after they marry they are torn apart by the German Nazis.  Lenka is placed in a work ghetto called Terezin, where she is an artist serving the needs of the Third Reich.  Josef ends up in America where he believes that Lenka perished at the hand of the Nazis.  This first love is reunited decades later.

Let me tell you it is quite the story.  There is drama, suspense, and love (who doesn't love LOVE right?)  I ate, drank, and slept this book...quite literally, this book went with me everywhere.  Any time I could sneak in a few pages, at a store in line, waiting for a meal at a restaurant, or at the Theater waiting for the movie to begin.  I normally read 6-7 books at a time, switching between them, but in this instance, I put all the others aside until I was finished.  The depth and scope of this book kept me entranced from page 1-334, and only wished for more.

Now the Author, The articulate way of writing that Alyson has, is overwhelming.  She is able to describe every thought emotion and situation...well....its almost like listening to a song.  She weaves the story in such a way it captivates the reader and makes it almost impossible to set the novel down.  The historical details of time and place are so accurate, it is almost like when you see a painting in the right light.  It brings everything into focus.  *****UPDATE:  per Alyson Richman, the Lost Wife will soon be a movie!!!  :-) once the trailer is released, I will post the link.

I loved this novel, and highly recommend it to those who have a love for Historical Fiction.

For more on this novel see these sites the first is the Author explaining the novel:

The second is to purchase the book: 

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