Saturday, February 28, 2015

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

I have always enjoyed reading Jodi Picoults novels.  A friend in Arizona introduced them to me three years ago and I never looked back.  I heard that Jodi was writing a Young Adult novel with her daughter I was beyond excited.  

Jodi usually touches on very sensitive subjects in her books, and I was hoping this one with her daughter would be different.  It pleased me to find this novel had great characters, and the storyline was fun and original.  It was a great, WHAT IF....

What if, the characters in a book actually are existing, they are playing their parts over and over again when the book is being read?  What if, once the book is closed they have completely separate lives from their "Character's".  What if one day one of the characters decides that he/she has had enough?  What if, communication begins between the reader and the characters?  

This novel explores these question and many more.  I loved it!  There are also many pictures throughout the book which coincide with the story, well, (Stories).  I read somewhere online that the daughter Samantha was the one who originally had the idea for the story.  I think that it is awesome that Jodi saw the potential for the project.  She encouraged and collaborated with her daughter to write such a fantastic story.  I highly recommend teens read this novel...maybe even read it at the same time as their mothers, and talk about it together. ****

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