Thursday, February 26, 2015

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I really enjoyed this novel by Stephen King.  I am a really big fan of King's storytelling, so I suppose it is not s surprise.  BUT, in my defense, I had already read King's "The Shining" and I found out that "Doctor Sleep" features Danny Torrence as the main Protagonist.  Danny Torrence was the young boy with 'The Shining' ability in the first novel.  This peaked my interest because I wanted to see what had happened to Danny, and how he has been shaped as an adult, using his 'shining' ability.

King did a wonderful job of using weaving this tale.  I liked that he did his normal mix of the natural and the supernatural.  He inserted a young new character named, Abra who became an ally with Danny as she also possessed his "talent."

As in the first book, there is an supernatural evil force who needs to be  dispatched by Danny Torrence and his little friend Abra.  It is hard to imagine how a writer could bind two people together, a child (female) and an older man, but he did it.  The two match forces to bring down the evil that is hunting the young girl. 

In this novel, King replaces the evil from an old hotel (The Overlook), with Vampires who have a taste, not for blood, but for "The Shining".  They hunt for young Abra....and well....that's all i can say...without totally spoiling the novel.  I highly recommend this book, it is well written and very imaginative.  Kudos to King, I love his books.   ****

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