Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

Everyone who has a knowledge of history knows who Frank Lloyd Wright is and how he changed the landscape of Architecture.  What many might not know, is his life beyond his work.  The loves he had, his personal life, and the tragedy he endured.  In Loving Frank  author Nancy Horan focuses on Wright's love affair with Mamah Borthwick Cheney.  It is written from the perspective of Mamah, in her voice, her love, her emotions, her ambitions, HER work as a translator for the ideas and writings of Swedish feminist Ellen Key.

This novel is written exquisitely that keeps the reader's attention because of the issues that are covered, adultery, love, divorce, women's rights, death.  Mamah is famous for two things; loving Frank Lloyd Wright, and her death.

I have read many of the reviews regarding this novel, and the focus seems to stay on Mamah's willingness to leave her husband and children for her love, Wright.  What I loved about the book is how that focus turned towards the emotional angst that Mamah went through regarding her decisions.  She couldn't avoid her heart's desires and happiness, but she was well aware, as any human would be, of the broken hearts she left in her wake.  She broke her own as well.  Her viewpoint on needing more in her life, than motherhood and wife, is valid, but in her time and the cultural milieu of American society, she was a villain.

I say Bravo to Mamah.....she followed her heart, she made her decisions, she loved herself.....This book, opened my eyes to the plight of woman, more than I know myself (as a woman) and helped me in more ways than one.  Highly Recommend *****

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