Monday, December 8, 2014

Joyland by Stephen King

I have been a Stephen King follower since I was a teenager and first read his Bachman Books: Rage, The Running Man, The Long Walk, and Roadwork. (Which come to think of it, I should definitely put on my Re-read list)  I have to admit I almost overlooked this book because of the cover (Talk about judging a book eh?)  but I did eventually pick it up.  It is a relatively easy read, for all those who know most of King's books can definitely be considered, "Hefty in weight." 

In Joyland, the reader follows a college man who works in the summertime at a boardwalk Carnival.  I believe this is what we would find as Kings attempt at a mystery novel.  Though as the reader can see, he added the Supernatural into the mix.  I liked the premise of the story, which was trying to find a killer from years and years ago in the Carnival circuit.  I have to be honest that the end left me wondering, "What just happened?"  Only in the fact that he did tie up the ends of the book, but I think the climax he led up to was less of a BANG and more of a WHIMPER.  Maybe I  expect a more transitional ending because many of the books I have read from Stephen King have that twist, and turn, that this book does not. 

Recommend for those who want to add to their King stories, but for the avid reader, maybe pass this one by.    **

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