Monday, December 8, 2014

China Dolls by Lisa See

Lisa See has always been one my favorite female authors.  I have always found her style of storytelling to be sensual, comedic, and most importantly emotional; in the sense of audience empathic and sympathies with her characters. China Dolls did not disappoint this reader on all previously mentioned aspects. 

The Characters: Ruby, Grace and Helen lead you through a story of their lives as young women finding their way in San Fransisco previous to and during the World War II era.  The back stories to these three Asian women bleed into who they are as women together.  The story takes the reader through the loves and lives of these women who each have a first person voice, in succession throughout the novel.

What kept this reader's attention throughout the book were the many overlapping dramatic themes that the girls each had to fight through, both together and separately.  There was always a satisfying conclusion to each girls' emotional trials. In the book, the issues that are highlighted: Physical Abuse, Racial Tension, Politics of WW2, Asian/American Cultural Diversity - Modern and Traditional, Independence and name a few.

The book is a fluid read from beginning to end, it had all storytelling capable content without unnecessary filler.


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